Hand Made Knives For Sale by Wood, Steel & Leather

Post products you have for sale here. Links welcome.
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Hand Made Knives For Sale by Wood, Steel & Leather

Hi guys,

I decided that instead of cluttering up the Marketplace section with a new topic every time I make a knife, I'll just put all future knives in this thread, so don't forget to check back periodically to examine my wares as I add them.

I just finished a piece that will be of interest to many bushcrafters. It's a Yakut knife, the traditional knife of the indigenous people of Siberia. The unique thing about it is the asymmetrical blade grind. One side is convex, the other side is completely flat with a hollow or fuller forged into it. This unusual edge geometry makes it extremely sharp. The flat side is on the right, which is normal for a right-hander. This confuses some people because it's the opposite of a single-bevel axe, but this means that when you carve with the Yakut knife you have the bevel facing down, which is the same way you normally use a draw knife. This makes it cut wood really well. It's also easy to sharpen because you only sharpen the flat side by laying it flat on a stone. The hollow area reduces the surface area and makes sharpening faster. Image
The handle is elk antler and some curly ash that I pulled out of the wood pile. The grain in it is incredible! I didn't know what I had there until I started sanding it. The sheath is pretty basic but rugged and holds the knife securely. I'm asking $130, which is pretty cheap for a Yakut knife. As always, hit the "Make Offer" button and take 10% off (which would be $117) when you use this link, which supposedly saves me the 10% seller's fee. http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200 ... olid=11111

I have also lowered the price on my recent Puukko to $135, or $121.50 with the discount when you use this link: http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200 ... olid=11111 Thanks for looking,


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